Making Democracy Work

Suffragist Club

The Suffragist Club was established in 1996 as a way for members to provide additional support to the Sacramento League. Members donate $100 or more annually in addition to annual dues.

These generous members are recognized in the Sacramento Voter and annually at the Suffragist Club and Anne Rudin Scholarship Reception.

Suzi Bakker
Rick Bettis
Claudia Bonsignore and Andrea Morrow
Cynthia Bridges
Roseanna and Bill Chamberlain
Judith Cherney
Donna Chipps
Kathy Chovan
Nancy Compton and Ray Trujillo
Linda Dawson
Louise and Richard Einspahr
Nancy Findeisen
Alice Ginosar
Carol Moon Goldberg
Cary and Gary Hart
Barbara Hopkins
Betty Hoyt
Maria Nicholas Kelly
Mignon Marks
Virginia Moose
Lori Moreland and John Abbott
Gina Mulligan
Jane Owen
Suzanne Phinney
Anne Rudin
Trudy Schafer
Lynette Shumway and Earl Withycombe
Tom Swift
Roseanna Torretto
Catherine Troka
Trisha Uhrhammer
Sally Weinland
Lois Wright
Fifi Zeff

Photo: Some of the original Suffragists in the 1917 eighteen-month-long White House picket.